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Political Campaign Stickers, Posters and More

Campaign season is in full force and PrintMyThing.com is ready to help you get your name and message out there to the voting masses! It’s not too late to craft your stand-out message by utilizing our unique online Design Tool to create your political posters and  bookmarks. Campaign stickers are also available.

Campaigning for office is not only a science, but also an art. PrintMyThing.com excels at art, and we can help the modern statesman create printed products that will make a lasting impression in the voter’s mind.

Campaign Posters
Campaign and political posters are a great way to communicate who you are, and why people should put you into office to serve the public. PrintMyThing.com offers a few templates for the campaign season including the “Steadfast”, “Patriotic” and “Hilmer for Mayor” template designs. You can also design your own using our blank UDesign posters.

Campaign Bookmarks
Putting something into a voter’s hand that has a practical purpose & use so that they won’t just throw it away, is a great way to help them remember your name for the upcoming election! Flyers and postcards are fine, but let’s be realistic, often times people are just going to throw them away. A custom campaign bookmark however can serve a practical purpose for someone, and is less likely to be pitched. Check out our professionally designed campaign bookmark templates and choose the design that fits your personal imaging best. Or as always, you can design one from scratch using the blank U-Design bookmark template which allows you the freedom to design from the ground up.

Political Stickers
Finally, don’t forget about campaign stickers! Stickers and labels have a myriad of uses for any political campaign, and we can help you design your custom sticker for the race you’re involved in. Choose from circles, squares, ovals or rectangles. A variety of materials and print processes (one color, two colors, full color) are available to select from. Give us a call at 1-888-281-0042 to talk to a web sales representative.

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Craig is the E-Commerce Content Editor for PrintMyThing.com and PrintMyRibbon.com. He enjoys spending time with his wife, son and dog. His hobbies include photography and ham radio. (His amateur radio callsign is NM8W.) Craig is also active in welcoming international students to the local university and enjoys learning about other cultures.
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